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About This Employer

Anna Co Municipal Housing Corp. Mountain Lea Lodge
Liz Schnare
PO Box 548
Bridgetown NS B0S 1C0
Anna Co Municipal Housing Corp. Mountain Lea Lodge Liz Schnare
Mission Statement:
Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation meets the continuing care needs of the community by offering dignified care in a beautiful setting where clients/residents are the centre of everything we do; Families, skilled staff and members of the community all contribute to our warm and engaging environment.

Our Values:
•Caring – Residents and clients are the centre of everything we do; genuine caring and empathy and value for human life contribute to positive relationships and a home-like environment.
•Quality Care – Residents and clients receive the highest standard of care; effective stewardship of resources supports a focus on client/resident safety and continuous quality improvement.
•Respect – Residents, clients, families, volunteers and staff are treated with dignity at all times; open, honest interpersonal communications foster trusting relationships.
•Professionalism – Our employees share integrity of purpose; we work together as a cohesive team, communicating effectively and living our values as we carry out the mission of MLL/ARC.
•Innovation – Our team is open to change and innovation; we are adaptable and optimistic about positive transformation: the community is a valued partner: we actively seek their input when setting future directions.